By the time Phil and I got near the front, people were pretty impatient. They were putting 3 to a chair, and when a couple in front of us got on, the lift operator looked to us and a few others for one more. Phil said, “We have two,” and to make himself better understood, he held up two fingers.

The lift operator gave Phil the middle finger and said, “One!” Phil was very surprised, as was I. I turned and saw that Phil was using the baseball symbol for 2 outs, his index finger and pinky. This is very common for infielders to signal to the outfield how many outs there are. But, unfortunately, it means “Your wife sleeps with other men” in Italy (and likely elsewhere, but I won’t be testing it).

I’m going to excerpt my last visit to Italy. This was from the 2006 Winter Games in Torino. Thanks to Phil for making it a lot of fun.

Sorry for the lack of posts these last five days! Things might actually pick up around these parts once the trip commences.