Mary and I headed east for a weekend in Plain, Washington. My goal was to get a lot of writing done. I figured that the snow and the quiet would motivate me.

And it did! I wrote about 5,000 words this weekend, and things are really moving along.

I also enjoyed the beautiful snow. We got several inches over the weekend (of course, had I known that Tacoma would get dumped on too, we probably could have just stayed here for the same experience).

The snow dragon was from an afternoon trip into Leavenworth yesterday. And the colorful fiber is from my makeshift writing desk. We were at the Grunewald Guild, an arts center, and I did all my writing in the “Fiber Arts Building” which was peaceful, warm (thanks to a nice wood fireplace), snowy, and filled with looms and spools of thread. It was a great place to write.