I referenced it below, and should probably clarify.

City Club of Tacoma publishes regular community studies about issues that are broadly affecting the community. They're all online on our website, so if there's a topic that strikes your interest check it out.

As part of my role as the new ED, I've been trying to read some of the "greatest hits" and studies that interest me personally. I carry a few of them with me and read them at odd moments.

The Image of Tacoma study from 2004 is an interesting look at the self-image of Tacoma. I found good arguments for both sides of the city government debate. And I'm eager to pick up the 90's report on living downtown and see how much of it measures up to my experience of living downtown.

We're currently starting a study on civic engagement. I expect to be posting more about it next year as we really start moving on it. Should be interesting stuff!