Now that I’ve had the Status Board going for awhile, I thought I should give some rough measures on how I’m treating it.

Basically, a finished first draft is 66% of the way done. So The Iron Harvest is at 50% on the status board—that means I’m closing in on the end of the first draft.

A finished second draft is 75% of the way done.

Anything after that is just the publishing process of getting a book out. Cover, editing, formatting, and all that jazz. The Little Book of Boards was above 90% for months because I was getting all the formats (audio, paperback) wrapped up.

So. If you’re following along, The Iron Harvest is well above 50% written. In fact, I’d say I just started the final act today (I still usually think in three act structures for my books).

There’s just a lot of stuff that happens after the first draft that I’m trying to take into account with my graphs.