For months I’ve been working to get my books onto Apple’s iBookstore. I’ve worked through a number of systems, formatting, and I’m finally glad to say that The Saints Go Dying and The Marinara Murders are both live in the store (plus the audiobook of The Little Book of Gold–the ebook version of it will be coming soon).

Apple has become a big platform for book sales, and–in many ways–it was Apple that spurred me to self-publishing.

When I read about the iPad, I wanted to get The Saints Go Dying on there when it launched. I never made it, for a variety of reasons, but I did get it onto Kindle, and that’s what got this whole thing started. But the launch of the iPad was the motivation I needed to try to make it happen.

Here are all my books on the iBookstore. The link will permanently be in the sidebar as well. I’m excited for the chance to reach new readers!