I want to highlight a comment from Lance Kagey on the previous post.

He talks about both the engineer and the artist and the wide spectrum of creativity. His brother, an engineer who spent hours dreaming and imagining new ways to build integrated circuits. And he talks about the artists, who spends their time over a hand-cranked press creating posters once a month. Both the dreaming and the doing are on the creative spectrum.

Small excerpt:

When Tom Llewellyn and I started Beautiful Angle we had a specific conversation about trying something new. "If we could take money out of the equation", I remember Tom saying, "we could do anything we want." That little revelation was powerful stuff. The other key revelation was that we committed to doing something sustainable, by that I mean we could keep doing. The project grew to what it is today because we chose to do something that we could sustain month-in-and-month-out. We were just to working guys with little spare time after work and family, church and community. So we created something that didn't have to make money and that we could continue to do ad infinitum.

That's where I think creativity comes from – freedom to imagine and commitment to doing whatever it is that you are capable of sustaining.