If you’ve got no AC (like us) and your house is hard to cool down (like us), let me recommend moving your bedroom outside.

 Step 1: Find an Aerobed. Handy if you have company later. But great for sleeping outside for a night. Camping mats or hard foam mats can also work well.

 Step 2: Inflate the bed. Look for a place that won’t get direct sunlight at 5:30 in the morning.

 Step 3: Hang a sheet. This is so the neighbors can’t see you in your skivvies. (if you can, a deck umbrella helps with this as well)

 Step 4: Light some citronella or spray the sides of the bed with some Off.

 Step 5: Never go back inside again.

 The end result:

Of course, we haven’t actually tried sleeping yet. Will report back in the morning.