It took the first Monday of August for me to realize I've been on the job with City Club more than a year now.

Last year at this time, we were two days away from an outing to the LeMay Car Museum at the old military academy on Pacific. This year, I'm just a day away from our fundraiser gala at Lakewold.

There's been a lot of great things in this last year. Interesting programs, sometimes controversially so. I'm also very happy with Tacoma Art Museum as our lunch venue (pitch for TAM: you should definitely consider having an event there). It's got a great vibe, and I love being downtown for our lunches (pitch for City Club: parking is included with the cost of lunch).

But mostly I'm proud of the accumulation of small details over time–the long term evolution of City Club. From one event to another, things haven't changed much. But over the last year I'm happy with the direction City Club is goin.

There are still big plans we're working on, and I want to keep working to keep City Club relevant to current events and topics. I want to keep working to make City Club "nimble" so that we can take a hyper-topic issue and bring people together for discussions about very topical events.

Anyway. One year down! And #2 is under way.