Andrew Fry tweeted that review of The Marinara Murders today, and I guess it’s as good enough reason to post some of the other reviews I’ve gotten so far.

  • “Again Erik Hanberg has produced the sort of book it is easy to get into and fly through.” — Booked Up.
  • “I very highly recommend this book.  The writing is excellent with a story that’s full of mystery, suspense, and wonderful characters.” — Life in Review.
  • “You will not be disappointed.” — The Book Diva’s Reads.
  • “A very enjoyable read and [one] I found very hard to put down.” — Miss Lynn’s Books & More.

These four are all from book bloggers who reviewed the book. I will tell you that getting people’s feedback like this, as well as the people who have emailed and said they liked one and are now moving on to the other, is incredibly exciting as a writer.

I’ve never had so many people read my books, especially people who aren’t friends and family, and getting their feedback and response has been really heartening.