Way back in June I started a new project: recording an audiobook of my fundraising guide, The Little Book of Gold. Working with Doug Mackey at Moonyard Studios, I was able to record a high quality audiobook and upload it directly into the Audible store.

It was a fascinating experience, demanding a lot of patience and very. clear. enunciation. It was surprisingly tiring, I thought.

Then, after the sound editing had been done, I had to listen to the whole thing again very slowly, reading the book while I listened, and watching for any slip-ups I made or dropped words in the editing process.

So the audio file wasn’t finished until October, and then it took a few weeks for Audible.com to approve it.

But it’s up! Here’s the link. And it’s selling surprisingly well, keeping pace with the Kindle and paperback versions of the book. I’ve been meaning to post about it for awhile but with The Con For Christmas release, and our business launch party, this one kind of got lost.

It was truly a lot of fun.