You see, it was all building to that headline. 🙂


It's been an interesting week. Quite good, really, despite a lot of different things pulling on me this week.

One especially cool thing to report: I'm writing a long article for the Carleton Voice, the alumni magazine about my alma mater.

If you want a good example of the truism "it takes 3 years for a business to make money," this is a perfect example. I pitched the magazine a story idea on March 30, 2008 (gmail saves everything, which is how I know). The idea was filed away at the time, because it was too similar to one they had run right before that. But it's now a go! I'm very excited about the project. I love Carleton, I love the Voice, and I love the topic (alumni who are exploring the origins of the heavens and earth).

2 years, 11 months, and 2 weeks later … that's pretty darn close to the "three year" proverb.

Now, obviously, I've had work with Mary Holste Design between then and now. Writing work, web development, video projects, powerpoint … all sorts of stuff. But I've come to realize is that 3 years is about how long it takes to get things really rolling. Past clients call up with new projects. Pitches that didn't go anywhere then still planted the seed for something wonderful to come later. Volunteer work gets noticed by someone who a year later has some paid work.

Mary Holste Design has been so much fun. I get to write things. I get to shoot video. I get to develop cool web sites. And I get to work with my awesome wife on all of it!

Very excited for the next three years.