Well, it's been just over two weeks since we welcomed Hannah into the world. It's been a crazy joyful sleep-deprived time. We're all healthy and happy.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather these past few days and got out to Wright Park and the Ruston Way Waterfront. It feels good to get out, and Hannah sleeps through the whole thing, so it's pretty chill.


Amid all the time caring for Hannah, recovering from caring for Hannah, and working, my writing has taken a definite backseat. It's very difficult to find time to do it. And when I do, it looks something like this.


Not the most productive way to write. It works, just slowly. So all my writing timelines are off. I'm just happy to get anything down onto the page these days.

I'm going to try to keep this blog still focused on writing, books, parks, movies, travel, Tacoma and all the things I regularly blog about. Obviously, Hannah is already an incredibly important part of my life and affects all of those things, so I'm sure she'll creep in to those posts regularly. 🙂