This morning I went in to Metro Parks HQ on 19th and was administered the oath of office … by Mary! It was a very cool thing to have her be a part of it.

I'm jumping in with both feet–there's a lot on the board's plate!

As far as this blog goes … well professional changes have often made this blog divert in tone, content, and substance. I really like blogging, and I can't imagine stopping. I do feel like it's gotten a little stale around here, though. Part of that is time: writing interesting posts can take more time, and finding it can too. Part of that is technological: Posterous is great for travel blogging, where I'm posting on the fly, but I haven't had much travelling these last 12 months.

Maybe this change will put a spark under the blog. 5 years ago, it was blogging about parks that got me regularly posting. Maybe this position will put me back in touch with my blogging roots.