October’s going to be one of those awesome, crazy months for Mary and me.

We’re only in Tacoma for eight days in October. 8 Days! That’s it! Crazy.

Our travels are going to take us to Charleston, SC for a wedding; Minneapolis, MN for a convention; and … Italy!

We will be in Italy for 13 nights. Highlights include Venice, Florence, Tuscany, the Cinque Terre, and Rome. I’ve been to Italy before but this will be Mary’s first time. Expect some travel blogging (as usual) and maybe some gelato reviews along the way.

Until then, blogging’s going to be a little light. Mary Holste Design is launching three websites before we go, I’m facilitating a workshop for a really cool group of young people, and I’m presenting at this Saturday’s BarCamp. Not to mention City Club and MetroParks.

I’m looking forward to a very cool and interesting month … but until then. Busy busy!