I’m very happy to say that The Lead Cloak is part of a 9-book bundle of books on Storybundle right now! Of the books in the bundle with me, one is a Philip K. Dick Award winner! Some explore space, some explore time—but not at the same time! 😉

If you want to fill up your To Be Read pile with a spectrum of sci-fi novels, this is a great way to do it (and you can pay what you want for these books!). StoryBundle is all about empowering YOU, the reader.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to and check out the books there. Pay what you want for the first five books, including The Lead Cloak. Really. $3.00 for five books sound like a good deal? Then do that.
  2. BUT. If you pay at least $12, you get four more books! That’s $12 for nine books total, a great deal. (Though, of course, you are welcome to pay more if you think it’s worth it.)
  3. Decide how much of your purchase goes to the authors and how much goes to Storybundle itself. This is high level control here. Amazon gives me 70% of the cover price for most of my titles. Can you do better? (While still providing Jason at Storybundle enough of a cut to recognize the good work he has done creating the site?)
  4. You can even decide whether you want to support the nonprofit Girls Write Now, a writing and mentoring non-profit organization which serves at-risk girls from public high schools in New York.
  5. After purchasing, you’ll get download links for all the books you bought (compatible with all e-readers, tablets, and services). If you own a Kindle or use the Kindle app, you can send the books directly to your device.

This bundle isn’t available anywhere else, only on Story Bundle.

I hope you check it out! If you haven’t purchased The Lead Cloak yet, this might be a great way to check it out—and get eight other books besides!