I've fallen in love with the iPhone app Instagram, which is where I shared a lot of these pictures over the last week (and gave them that vintage look). So my apologies for not getting them on here.

Here's what we saw.

These first two are from the Highline, a long park that goes along Manhattan from about 14th to 30th streets.


This part is on the new part that opened while we were there.


This was our first breakfast spot, The Paris Commune. Loved their frontage.


This is outside Schiller's, a French bistro on the Lower East Side.


This is a panorama inside Schiller's. Really great.


We went up to 196th (and higher) and further north to see the Cloisters, which is an art gallery of medieval art. Then we came back through Harlem. Here's a statue of Alexander Hamilton, near his home, still preserved there. I also saw his grave at Trinity Church.


This is just off 107th at the very north end of Central Park. We walked the entire length of the park.


We met up with some of Mary's friends from her hometown in Wisconsin and had a barbecue with them on the roof of their Brooklyn apartment. This was the view looking back at Manhattan.

We also got into Queens for the first time as well, but no pictures. More blog posts pending, but these were the best pics I think.