TheIronHarvest_EbookThis was almost a very long post but instead I think it’s better to keep it short.

In the six weeks since its release, I’ve sold 600 copies of The Iron Harvest. It’s dominated my sales in a way no other book I’ve written has before. I’ve sold thousands of books in a day before, but those were with discounted copies and usually expensive promotional costs. These sales have been full-priced copies and most of the marketing legwork was done months in advance.

For contrast, it took me six months to sell that many copies of The Lead Cloak, and it was with some significant attempts at marketing (paid and unpaid).

What changed?

Two big things:

  • I got serious about meeting reader expectations with cover, blurb, genre, and more.
  • I spent many months before The Iron Harvest came out getting The Lead Cloak into the hands of as many people as I could. At $0.99, in a bundle with other sci-fi books, and for free.

Both factors were important because they removed potential barriers that kept readers from checking out the series.

It’s truly exhilarating to see that the books I’ve been thinking of for years are finally reading their audience.