Mary and I are very excited that we have transitioned “Mary Holste Design” to a new name and a new style with a lot more offerings.

In the past, Mary Holste Design was mostly Mary, with me helping out on a per-project basis. Usually coding a website or writing an article.

But I’m happy to say that since going full-time with the company three months ago, we’ve gotten a lot of jobs that have allowed us to work, well, side by side. Hence the name change.


We’ve started new projects, like social media strategy for businesses, nonprofits, and authors. And really delving into publications like alumni magazines and book launches. It’s been very exciting to help nonprofits and other authors based on the experience I’ve gained with my own book launches.

All in all, it’s been incredibly great working together (again), and we’re looking forward to some really interesting projects in the future.

(The website isn’t live yet, but if you want to keep in touch with what we’re up to, you can sign up for emails there.)