It’s been almost two full weeks since my trip to DC. I thought I should share some of the more interesting pictures from the trip.

Here is the Washington Monument, reflected in the (under construction) Reflecting Pool.


This is from the steps of the Supreme Court looking back at the Capitol and all the protestors and media out front. It was a real circus.


I have visited Arlington National Cemetery twice now. I find it a truly solemn place. Here is the door of the USS Maine memorial.


And the rows of tombstones under the cherry blossoms.


And just for fun, here is the back of Newt Gingrich’s head. On my flight home, I shad a layover in Milwaukee. Newt Gingrich was on the plane going to the Wisconsin caucuses. Notice also the Secret Service agent. He sat right in front of me.


All in all, a really great trip to DC! There was biking, tours, museums, and more. We hit all three branches of the government as well. A tour of the White House, 3 minutes at the Supreme Court, and 20 minutes watching the House of Representatives deliberate. Democracy in action!