The best critique of Inception is that it's too clinical. That it's such a puzzle that you can't get into it much. But so what? It's essence is that of a heist movie. And it's a fabulous height movie. Inventive, interesting, great effects, incredibly complex, but still follow-able. Really a good film.

Dinner for Schmucks
Steve Carell stands out in this. It's mostly funny throughout without too many of the traditional misunderstandings that can mar a film like this. Some good laughs.

Angelina Jolie is a good heroine. This is basically a launch of an action franchise. It's The Bourne Identity, but with Jolie instead of Damon (The Salt Identity?). And it's good at what it does. I'd say that Salt's action sequences might be a little more implausible than Bourne's, but not by much. The secrets, if you could call them that, I saw coming much earlier than it seemed like I was supposed to, but maybe that's just me.