It was a great panel today at the Tacoma Arts Symposium. I learned a lot from the fellow writers I was on the panel with:

  • Tom Llewellyn shared his experiences blogging a book with "Letter Off Dead" and his experience publishing "The Tilting House" with Tricycle Press. He did sustained self-promotion, telling bloggers about Letter Off Dead, and going to schools for his "middle reader" level Tilting House.
  • Bill Kupinse talked about creating Exquisite Disarray, a non-profit poetry publisher here in Tacoma. He had some good stories to share about the different poetry books they've published and choosing a local printer in order to make sure the book was printed on recycled paper.
  • Mary Lloyd shared her experience co-publishing her book "Super-Charged Retirement" and the iterations it went through. She's looking at creating short ebooks about narrow topics within the realm of retirement and then using it to drive people the book.
And of course I was there, representing the ebook and print-on-demand options.

One of the themes I noticed was that we've all made mistakes during the publishing process, but that we wouldn't necessarily want to take them back. And while what we did publishing early books isn't necessarily what we'd do publishing them now (when I came out with my fundraising guide¬†The Little Book of Gold in 2009, things were very different–authors were only just then able to self-publish into the Kindle store, something I was totally unaware of at the time.

I seem to be on a speaking circuit too! Yesterday and today, the Arts Symposium. Tomorrow, I'll be a guest speaker at a University Washington Tacoma class to talk about the publishing process for my three books.