Mary and I spent the long weekend with her family in St. Louis. And on Saturday we went to the most bizarre place in the world–the St. Louis City Museum. It's basically a giant playground made from things taken from inside the city limits of St. Louis. Not only a playground for little kids though.

This sign is pretty clear.


This is on the roof of the 11 story building.


This is also on the roof.


This is looking down on the 10-story spiraling slide from the roof. It's dizzying.


I'm not sure how well you can tell what this is. This is the interior to a huge dome on the roof. You can climb up the sides of dome behind those bars. Then when you're at the top, you're inside that cage of bars, where you can exit to a slide. It's kind of crazy.


This is part of the outdoor playground. I went through the wire tubes the first time I went, but haven't attempted them since.


More hamster tubes for kids. This is the entrance to a series of them in the ceiling.


This room was fun.


Look closely at the dome on the left. There's a kid inside the model railroad there that's looking out.