It passed. From the New York Times.

The Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday approved a new and still-unpublished set of rules that are intended to preserve open access to the Internet.

There was disagreement Tuesday about whether the F.C.C. had the legal authority to implement the network neutrality rules, and that authority is certain to face legal challenges in the months ahead. Nonetheless, the approval represented a significant progress toward fulfilling a campaign promise by President Obama to preserve a level playing field for Web developers.

Mr. Obama congratulated the F.C.C. on Tuesday’s vote and said in a statement that the government would “remain vigilant and see to it that innovation is allowed to flourish, that consumers are protected from abuse, and that the democratic spirit of the Internet remains intact.”

First off. Still unpublished? They can do that?

Second, I understand that Obama wants to call this a victory after campaigning on net neutrality, but it's really not.

Best case interpretation: it establishes the concept of Net Neutrality and after a particularly egregious case of abuse by a mobile carrier, we'll get the whole thing. But that part might take a little while.