John Berendt, who wrote the wildly popular and very funny Midnight in the Garden of Evil about Savannah, Georgia, wrote another book called "The City of Falling Angels" about Venice.

Like Midnight, the book is funny, interesting, and filled with a colorful cast of characters. Also like Midnight, it starts much better than it ends.

Midnight was ostensibly about a murder, but it was hard to get into the details of it by the end when what you really wanted to do was just keep meeting interesting people. The same is true about Falling Angels, which focuses around the fire of the Fenice opera house (though I think the fire was more interesting than the murder at the center of Midnight). It's still a good book. If you liked Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and like Venice, you'd probably enjoy the characters and vignettes in the book.

It was fun to pick up after coming back.