• Downton Abbey. It's on PBS. I didn't intend to get hooked on a British show about a rich English estate just before WWI, but I did. Good stuff. Think Gosford Park, without the murder mystery, where servants and the family get equal screen time.
  • Hall Pass. This was a pretty good movie about men behaving badly. It was funny, though some jokes thudded. But it avoided what could have been egregious mistakes. One of its best qualities was its focus on the women. From the previews, it looked like it would all be Owen Wilson and Jason Sudekis, but Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate get near-equal time I'd say.
  • Modern Family is the funniest show on TV. Watch it.
  • Mr. Sunshine, which is on right after Modern Family, is not nearly so good, but we're trying it out.
  • Changeling, the Clint Eastwood drama starring Angelina Jolie was not as good as it could have been. It lacked … drama, I'd say. Good, but not great.
  • X-Men 2 from 2003 holds up pretty well. (I re-watched it while I was sick).
  • The Simpsons is still pretty dang funny.
And there you have it. A really random sampling of TV shows and movies I've watched recently.