After a summer cable hiatus, Mary and I have re-hooked up our cable.

Originally, we’d cut cable out to save money, and we watched shows via DVD, Hulu, and iTunes. But we found a good compromise. By switching to Click (something I’d planned on doing anyway) we were able to get cheaper Internet and pay Click about $12/month for broadcast channels over cable. This works perfectly. Our monthly costs won’t rise, and we can watch The Office (which was great tonight, by the way!), Lost, How I Met Your Mother, Saturday Night Live (the only show we couldn’t watch in full online).

The non-broadcast shows we watch we can easily do on DVD (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Weeds) or online (South Park, Colbert, etc).

A very happy solution.

Which is a good time to add that not having cable really wasn’t that big of a deal. It was kind of annoying sometimes, but not that bad. If the Mariners had been having an incredible season, I might have wanted FSN. And maybe a great Seahawks season will be a good reason to have cable now. But still, this is my third summer in a row of no TV (again, not counting DVDs) and it’s not that big of a deal anymore, whether the cable is hooked up or not.