We took a family outing to see Up in the Air again, which wore well on a second viewing.

Not only was it fun to see again, but seeing it in St. Louis–where most of it was filmed–was kind of a treat.¬†There was some random hooting when someone recognized a friend, or a location passed off as Wisconsin or Omaha. We also saw it at one of the coolest theaters in town–the Moolah, a converted Shriners Temple with condos, a movie theater, a bar, and a bowling alley.

In between screenings, I also read the novel by Walter Kirn that the movie is based on. That ended up being a bad idea.

The novel and the movie share some similarities–the main character spends a lot of time in the air going around firing people … and that's really about it. It's a good example of how winning characters can interact in a whole different plot and still be enjoyable.

But it was still a mistake. I spend a lot time struggling with the differences. I should have waited at least a few months before picking it up.