This week was a real surprise.

In March, I was in DC for a parks conference for two days. Mary and I decided that it was going to be a rare opportunity to get back to New York. We hadn't been in about three years, and there just didn't seem to be any opportunities to come for a few more either.

So we came and spent a somewhat cold two days walking the city, seeing art movies, and getting our last fix in.

Until. Until we got the opportunity to cat-sit for a week in an apartment two blocks south of the World Trade Center. Um, ok!

So here we are in a cute apartment with two cats, Astoria and Commissioner Gordon. We saw a movie last night–Midnight in Paris, which we both absolutely loved–and today we went exploring the north part of Manhattan and some of the neighborhoods of Harlem.

We'll be doing plenty of work while we're here, but it will be a fun adventure to do it from lower Manhattan.