A few weeks ago I sent out an author newsletter. My pledge is to email whenever I have a new title out or a new format. That’s it.

You should totally subscribe. Yes, I talked about Media Carnivores and the translations of my books here on my blog as well as in the newsletter. But the newsletter contained this helpful writing update as well that hasn’t appeared on the blog until now:

I’ve made some real progress in my work on The Iron Harvest, the next book in The Lattice Trilogy. I’ve also been working on a new book in my series of guidebooks for small nonprofits. These are intentionally “little” books, so I’ve been able to work on it without affecting the timeline of The Iron Harvest.

And I have some really good notes for Arthur Beautyman’s next case. Thanks to everyone for reading along! It’s knowing I have readers out there that keeps me going.

So subscribe!

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