Well, there are actually a lot more than four local authors doing it. But it’s great to see independent publishing getting some coverage as a trend. It’s certainly changed my life–finding readers has been incredibly motivational and my writing has picked up substantially.

It’s just hard to believe that if three years ago when I was ready to publish The Saint Go Dying that if I’d spent all the time trying to find an agent, and then an editor, that that book would even be out right now. Let alone another five.

That said, I’m not a die-hard about self-publishing. I really like it, and I expect I will do it for a long time. But if a traditional publisher came around and offered to publish The Lead Cloak, I would certainly consider it. And I don’t think this is the death of publishing. As I said in the article:

Not necessarily, says Hanberg. “Traditional publishing will be around for a long time,” he says. “I think self-publishing is the new ‘slush pile’ for traditional publishing houses. They will look for popular self-published titles and take them to a new level.”

Anyway, check out the article in the Tribune today!