I was very happy with last night's R-71 debate. We had a good discussion and good attendance (I think we had maybe 70 in the room, ranging from a state senator to a whole flock of college students).

City Club has long hosted candidate forums and issue debates. But this was one different for a couple reasons: it was scheduled outside our regular programming and it was free.

We had two presenters: Laurie Jenkins, a co-chair of the Approve 71 campaign, and Joseph Backholm, Executive Director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

I asked five or six questions to them, which took the first 35 minutes or so, and then the audience had a chance to ask questions. We got through about five or six of those as well.

I am happy to report that while contentious and at times quite lively, it was a good model of civic participation and discussion.

Mary was armed with the Flip camera. I haven't reviewed the footage to see how it turned out, but if it's got good audio I'll find a way to post it online.

Thanks to all who came!