It’s always a good feeling to complete the first draft of a book and write those final two words: The End.

That’s especially true for The Iron Harvest, which I started nearly two years ago. And The Lead Cloak I started four years ago, knowing some of the events that would happen in this book.

So that’s a long time I’ve lived with the book.

And there’s still a lot to do! There’s editing, sending to a few beta readers for feedback, and the proofreading and creating the ebook, paperback, and audiobook. My goal is getting all that done by the fall, and getting the book out in October or November.

And there’s still Book III to go! I’m not revealing the title of that book yet, so for shorthand, we’ll call that book The Explosive Conclusion You’ve All Been Waiting For (TM).

So I will be working on that as I get this book ready.

Interesting, while it took two years to write, my daily log also shows that I did it in 121 days of writing. That’s really interesting to note. It means that at the same daily writing pace, I could write the next book in four months, if I wrote every single day. That’s a tall order, and I’m not saying that I’m going to try to do it. But still. I’m glad I have the data, because I had no idea that I could write a book that quick (again, not counting the non-writing days in between).