If you’re a long time reader, you’re probably tired of my posts where I ask myself, what is this blog about? Especially because it doesn’t change that much or for that long. Because when it really comes down to it, the topics are roughly still the same: books, movies, technology, Tacoma, travel, parks, writing.

But I’m not sure it’s enough for me anymore. Or it’s too much.

A lot of those topics I have moved posting on them to other social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. Not intentionally, but just because I’m there a lot. I repost and share things I find, and it’s easier than dragging them over here.

And really, some of the things I covered work much better elsewhere. Photos on Facebook are great in albums. Way better and more convenient to peruse than on a blog I think. Twitter for sharing an interesting link. I like posting book covers on Pinterest.

I’ve stopped reviewing everything I’ve seen or read too. One, it’s a lot of work. And two, I just can’t see that enough people care what I thought of The Avengers (not bad, but not great, since you asked).

So now what?

What am I going to post about? What’s left? Would these topics be better served by splitting them into separate blogs? Should I just drop something?

On the one hand, I want to write blog posts that will stand the test of time. (Arguments, ideas, insights, oh my!) On the other hand, those are a lot of work, even if they are well worth it in the end.

Can I just have an ideas blog? That seems a little pretentious to call it that. And I wouldn’t be able to post that often because, as I said, those posts are hard work. So what goes in between?

All these questions. Usually I have a better answer of where I’m going when I start this post, but not this time.

Maybe I should just start experimenting with things and see how it goes?